Specific Norton Schoolwear

Glebe Primary Red Crew Neck Sweatshirt : from £11.99 (ZCGPRECNSS260)

Embroidered, Glebe Primary, Red, Crew Neck Sweatshirt with Raglan Sleeves (from Zeco).

45% Acrylic • 30% Cotton • 15% Polyester • 10% Mixed Fibres • 260gsm

Caring for your Zeco Sweatwear Do not tumble dry or iron! (Only tumbling causes the need to iron). Simply wash, spin, hang dry & fold! If you still feel it necessary to iron, avoid elasticated Ribs, Cuffs and Neckline!

Sizes (Chest Inches): 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 35 (XXS), 36 (XS), 38 (S), 40 (M), 42( L), 44 (XL), 46 (XXL)
NB: The three figures in brackets following the Chest Inches within the Size drop down menu [ eg: 28 (16 / 21 / 13) ] refer to approximate inches in shirt width, height (from top of collar to hem) and sleeve length (from arm pit to end of cuff) respectively. (See ZCGPRECNSS260 Dimensions under main image)

Personalisation : If you wish to personalise your item with either embroidered initials or an embroidered name, simply select the number of characters required from the Personalisation drop down menu (punctuation symbols do not count as characters, only actual letters). A maximum of 9 characters are allowed, and are postioned just below the school logo (See GPPEINNA Personalisation under main image).

Initials : If it is embroidered intials that you require, and they are, for example, A.L.F, then simply enter A.L.F into the Initials/Name text box, using Capital letters separated by full stops. So in this instance, a total of three "3 Characters" would need selecting from the Personalisation drop down menu.

Name : If it is an embroidered name that is required, for example Alf, then simply enter Alf into the Initials/Name text box using a Capital letter for the first character, followed by lower case letters for all others, and no separating full stops. So in this instance, a total of three "3 Characters" would need selecting from the Personalisation drop down menu.

NB : Please ensure that the number of characters selected from the Personalisation drop down menu tally with those actually entered into the Initials/Name text box.
If, for instance,
 4 characters were entered into the Initials/Name text box, but only "3 Characters" were selected from the Personalisation drop down menu, then only those first three "paid for" characters would be embroidered.

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