Embroidered (badged) garments are done to order and, for ten and a half months of the year, usually take up to a maximum of 48 hours from order placement to completion. During the Summer holidays, however, demand quickly exceeds production capacity, and consequently can ultimately take up to 21 days.

For this reason there is an annual cut-off point for guaranteed, September back to school, embroidered schoolwear which, this year, is Saturday 12th August 2023!

Should you prefer to collect your completed order, simply choose "Collection" from the "Shipping & Handling" pulldown menu, and this will substitute any default delivery charges with a (legally required) 10p packaging fee, and you will be notified, by text or email, when your order is ready.

For personal visits to our shop, we are offering 15 minute appointment slots for the duration of July & August, a system which worked surprisingly well last year. Customers can still make pot-luck visits, but as appointments will take precedence, there is a chance that they may be unable to be served.

Additional information for each garment (including dimensions, material & features) can be found by selecting an item's "More info" button.

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