School Uniform Lowerwear: Trousers, Shorts, Skirts, Socks & Tights

Boys Pull Up Shorts : £8.99 (BOMFPUSHZC)

Boys Pull Up Shorts with Mock Fly, One Front Pleat & Half Elastication (Teflon) at Waist (from Zeco).

65% Polyester • 35% Viscose (Gabardine)

Sizes (Age Guestimate/Waist Inches): 3-4/22-24, 4-5/22-24, 5-6/22-24, 6-7/24-26, 7-8/26-28
NB: The figure in brackets following the Age Guestimates within the Size drop down menu [ eg: 7/8 (16) ] refers to the length measurement in inches, from top of shorts waistband to bottom edge of leg. (See BOMFPUSHZC Dimensions under main image)

Colours: Grey, Navy. (See BOMFPUSHZC Colour Swatch under main image)

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