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Standard, Sew-In, Woven Name Tapes 72 Pack : £7.99 (STWONATANW01)

Standard, Sew-In, Woven Name Tapes 72 Pack

Woven Name Tapes and labels for School uniforms. There is nothing more costly and annoying at school than the problem of lost clothing, but for a few pence, this can be a problem of the past. By sewing in these Woven Name Tapes, your child's uniform and sports kit can be identified easily and quickly.

These Woven Name Tapes are woven to the highest standards and are available in six text styles and five text colours.

Size: 8mm wide

Background Colour: White

Text Styles: Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6. (See STWONATANW01 Text Styles under main image)

Text Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red. (See STWONATANW01 Colour Swatch under main image)

Text Content: Maximum 30 characters & spaces. No split orders. One surname only.

Text Style:
Text Colour:
Text Content:
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