Ben Sherman School Uniform

Ben Sherman Short Sleeve Shirt : from £20.99 (BSSSSCSH)

Ben Sherman Short Sleeve, Buttoned School Shirt.

Ben Sherman Short Sleeve, Buttoned School Shirt.

70% Cotton • 30% Polyester

Sizes (Age Guestimate/Collar Inches): 11-12/13, 13-14/13.5 (Out Of Stock), 15-16/14 (Out Of Stock)
NB: The three figures in brackets following the Age Guestimates within the Size drop down menu [ eg: 11-12 (19 / 25.5 ) ] refer to approximate inches in shirt width and height (from top of collar to hem) respectively. (See BSSSSCSH Dimensions under main image). The Age Guestimates and Collar Inches above are as supplied by the manufacturer.

Colours: Black, White. (See BSSSSCSH Colour Swatch under main image)


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